10 Years Guarantee

Solstro windows are manufactured only in Europe with highest manufacturing standards possible. We guarantee that all our pinewood is certified and rigorously selected. With outstanding wood quality we can ensure high strength, durability and solid shape of our windows for many years. The stunning quality of Solstro products is confirmed by the 10 years guarantee on the market today.

Easy Installation

Installation of the new Solstro roof window is a pain free experience. It is very easy for every professional. The brackets are easy to use, and the flashing kit is very straightforward. It only took a few hours from start to finish, that’s including trimming out the frame work, so a decent roofer could easily install even two roof windows in a day.


In 2016, 98% of the wood used in our products was sourced from certified, sustainable forests. That is more than three times the global percentage of round-wood from certified forests. We are now close to reaching our goal of 99% in 2020.

All wood suppliers of the VKR (VELUX) Group are certified according to PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or both. No tropical hard wood is used. It is the policy of the VKR (VELUX) Group to comply fully with the EU Timber Regulation at all times.
It is our goal that 99% of the wood used in VKR (VELUX) Group is sourced from certified, sustainable forests by 2020.

Availability of accessories range

Our range of Solstro multi-fit window blinds provide the finishing touch to your roof windows as well as make your living space more comfortable. Simply to installation in less than 10 minutes with a screwdriver, by following our step-by-step installation instruction, which come with all our products. All blinds fit perfectly, require no cutting and can be assembled in three easy steps.

Risk free

Solstro, a large European manufacturer of Roof Windows is a part of a large group VKR (Velux) with over 75 years’ experience in manufacturing Roof Windows. In order to objectively demonstrate how high the quality of Solstro roof windows is, and how consistently we control that, we have let the internationally acclaimed Rosenheim Institute, FSC and ISO certify our production processes and products.

Solstro offers modern centre-pivot roof windows and a variety of practical accessories such as blinds, electrical roller shutters, or installation supports.

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With The Roof Windows, the choice of the right Solstro product for your room or project will be absolutely trouble-free experience. We have put together a clear and jargon-free guide for you below so you can purchase your windows from us safe in the knowledge you have made the perfect choice.